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International Women's Day 2019 👩‍🎨👩‍🚀

 Film Bros International Women's Day 2019It's International Women's Day today and we thought we would take an opportunity to showcase some of our favourite people shooting film (who just happen to be women). We don't like terms like 'female photographer' because one's gender does not define their art. However, there are still steps to take in all areas of our society to ensure women are allowed the same platform/exposure as men. These amazing women contribute in their own way to keeping film alive and we're all the richer for it.

Rosie Matheson

Rosie MathesonHailing from the sunny shores of Brighton, Rosie has had work published in the Financial Times, i-D magazine and Wordplay magazine. She's also shot campaigns for the likes of Nike, Adidas, Asos, Vice and Sony Music and many more on film. Her weapons of choice is always Kodak Portra and her trusty Mamiya 645. It's not just her commercial work that is impressive, Rosie's personal projects such as BOYS has gained her critical acclaim. BOYS explores masculinity in our modern age. The series comprises of stills as well as a crowd-funded short film (shot on Kodak Super8 film). You can check out more of Rosie Matheson's work on Instagram or on her website and we strongly suggest you do.

Olivia Rose

Olivia Rose

Olivia is not just a photographer, she is also a video director. This multi-talented lady came to our attention through her work photographing musicians such as Skepta, Giggs, Sampha and Drake. This subsequently led her to shoot all the images for This Is Grime, a book documenting the history of grime music from its origins in East London by the people who helped shape the genre. Words in that book were written by the wonderful Hattie Collins and we can't recommend the book enough. Olivia's work was also chosen as one of 100 photographers for the Portrait of Britain Award 2017. Olivia tends to shoot her film work on Kodak Tri-X but also dabbles a bit with Portra  Her latest accolade was winning the Best UK Urban category at the UK Video Music Awards 2018 for directing Jorja Smith's Blue Lights music video. Get more of Olivia Rose's work on Instagram and her website.

Holly-Marie Cato

Holly-Marie Cato We've been following Holly's work for quite some time on Instagram. We particularly love her portrait photography work especially her photos from Notting Hill Carnival and her travel photography (they really are amazing). She's now dabbling in film and we can't wait to see more of her work on medium format. Holly has done campaigns for the likes of Samsung, Adobe, Canon, British Airways and more. This lady has done it all and she's literally a stones throw away from our corner of north east London so we're very proud of her. She was also just featured on BBC News's Women Behind The Lens. Find more of Holly-Marie's work on Instagram and on her website.

Gabrielle Cooper

Gabrielle CooperGenerally awesome human being and smile supplier of choice, Gabrielle has been an inspiration to me since we met in sixth form. With camera always in hand she documented a large chunks of our teenage years. She's continued to be an inspiration since then by following her passion in photography and art in general. She was the first proper photographer, whatever that means, that I really met. We thought we would let her put her work in her own words:

"My practice is very experimental. I like to push the limits of photography and often like to experiment beyond the camera. Sometimes I explore what photography can do by manipulating an image in the darkroom, or the camera itself.

My largest body of work has been an exploration of imitating painting and with photography. I like that painting doesn’t always look at realism but people often expect that the camera does. So I use techniques such as multiple exposures and treating a negative as one long single image to challenge and recreate that idea. My work “Hua” is a good example of this. 作画 ‘Hua’ is a body of work inspired by Ancient and Traditional Chinese paintings. Many traditional Chinese landscapes do not record an actual place but are of the sublime. They have no true horizon line, and the paintings show a separation between heaven and earth. Using photographic techniques such as multiple exposures, I attempted to capture landscapes in a way that mimic the notions, styles and romanticism expressed in Chinese ink drawings and paintings. That work was deeply inspired by my Grandfather, Arthur Cooper, and his work as a renowned translator of Chinese poetry in the 1970’s. By allowing layers of light to scar the negative I attempted to replicate the ink wash techniques used in traditional Chinese painting.

In previous works each image is meant to grasp the spirit, or the atmosphere of the space and time photographed, rather than a likeness. My future projects are differing from this as I’m becoming more interested in storytelling and how our brains subconsciously look for clues in an image to build a narrative. I’ve become very interested in cinematic stills. They are often set up in very artificial way, as hyperreality but yet they make us identify with them and develop real life scenarios and narratives in our minds."

You can check out more of Gabrielle's Hua work here and more of her snaps here.

Cicely Grace

Cicely GraceWe only found out about Cicely via our pals at The Hated skateboards and we're so glad we did. Cicely's work centres around music, fashion and portraits. What really drew us to her work was her 35mm work that covers graffiti, music and having a good ol' time. You can find her work on Instagram and her website or if you prefer the analogue side of things go here.

Rachel Brewster-Wright

Rachel Brewster-WrightRachel has got analogue photography running through her veins and even runs her own business, Little Vintage Photography, that sells her amazing Analogue Adventurer Kit. She's also a wedding photographer extraordinaire, runs photography workshops and is one-third of the world famous Sunny 16 Podcast with Graeme and Ade. If you're not already a regular listener, we seriously suggest you give it a listen and subscribe via your podcast platform of choice. You can find her analogue photography here or follow her work on Instagram.

Obviously this is not an exhaustive list of amazing women that shoot film but just a small selection of our favourites. We suggest following @womenwhoshootfilmmag and follow #womenwhoshootfilm to see more incredible photography. Other notable mentions, as recommended by @womenwhoshootfilm include: @mayabeano @sabrishootsfilm @ladylake @sail.ya.moon @sevinaqee @impatientdeveloper @megonfilm @lasfloressss @novanicolette @ediesunday @laurentaylorhamilton and @nicole_mark

Make sure you support these ladies with likes, follows, words of encouragement and most importantly, where applicable, buy their art or commission them for work.

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