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Harry F Conway Launches Kickstarter 💡📖

Harry F Conway Bakerloo

Harry F Conway likes to document the side of London you don't necessarily see, he captures the gritty side of the Big Smoke. The city beneath the surface of the glossy exterior. Harry grew up in London and like with anyone with a background in graffiti, he also has a fascination with trains and especially London underground. Every graffiti writer has their favourite train and most commonly it was the 'big met' (we're big fans of the Victoria line FYI).

"The tube is a space in which most people are trying to get in and out of as fast as possible, yet when you observe the beauty and range of interactions happening you begin to see it in a new light" - Harry F Conway

For Conway, his favourite London Underground line is the Bakerloo. He has spent the last two years documenting commuters, party-goers and tourists as they travel from Harrow & Wealdstone to Elephant & Castle and everywhere in between. He's put together a 128-page hardback photo book called Bakerloo that he's just launched a Kickstarter to self publish it.

Backers pledging £30 will get a copy of Bakerloo including shipping to anywhere in the world, £40 will get you a signed copy of the book and if you pledge £300 you'll get a person photo tour of the Bakerloo line as well as the signed book and signed prints. Support the Bakerloo project here.

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