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Film Bros is officially plastic free ♻️🌴

We love film photography but admittedly it is not the most eco-friendly of passions. This is obviously largely down to the fact that film photography has been around for as long as photography has been in existence and for a large proportion of that time the issue of non-recyclable plastic was not considered a problem.

We're now all aware of the damage single-use plastics and non-recyclable materials do to the planet. That's why we have been determined to go completely plastic free in our packaging and mailers. We all have to do our part to minimise the damage to the environment. Film Bros has always used cardboard mailers since our launch but now we've also completely phased out plastic bubble wrap as well as plastic tape to seal your parcels.

We're absorbing all of the additional cost of these changes because we feel it is very important for us to lead by example.

What we're doing:

♻️ Using only unbranded brown cardboard mailers so you can easily re-use or recycle the mailer boxes (no inks or dyes used)

♻️ Using 100% recyclable paper tape to secure the parcel instead of the excessive sealing agents/plastic tape used by other retailers

♻️ Using brown paper padding to protect the products in transit instead of plastic bubble wrap.

♻️ No longer adding packing slips inside parcels to save on paper. 

Please help us to save the planet by recycling or re-using all our packaging when you receive your parcel.

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